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Bowties are sexyRichard E. Grant is cool not because he is so cute (which, he kinda is) but because he just is. He just looks smart, you know? Well, except for the not so smart move of being in Spice World. He must have been on an acid trip or something. Yikes! But, he's an author, too, you know. I've never actually read his books, but I hear they're good. Um...well, I don't actually know anyone who's read his books. But anyway, check him out! By the way, no relation to Hugh Grant if that's what you're thinking.

Reasons Richard E. Grant should be president:

Well, link time.

Biggest REG site ever
This place has everything you'd ever wanna know about Richard E. Grant. Honest. EVERY SINGLE THING. I'm talking whats-his-favorite-toothpaste everything. Plus, I stole some pics there. Thanks guys.
These people have some stuff about him. Links, bio, whole nine yards...
Interview with Grant about his film Jack and Sarah. The movie's quite cute. I made my dad watch it and he even liked it!
Bio at A&E site
It's got some info about him, ya know.

Hello, I'm shirtless!That's all I've got folks. I'll get back to you later.